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What's New

- August 18, 2011

Residence Hall Wifi - Over the summer we changed wifi vendors for the residence halls. We expect your wifi experience in the residence halls to be much better than what you experienced with Decatur WiFi in years past. The residence hall wifi network is called Scottie WiFi. We are in the final stages of setting the system up and hope to make it available to you sometime the week of August 22nd. When we are ready to let you login, we will send an email with connection and login information.

P.A.W. Print - Campus-wide print management solution: For details review the P.A.W. Print Overview

Thin client Installed - Currently thin clients have been installed in the main computing cluster in the library, the ground floor study carrels in the library, Butler Business Center and Student Leadership Center. These devices DO NOT have local storage. You must store your work on a usb-drive. You MUST select the appropriate printer before printing, signs have been placed around the thin clients listed the appropriate printer.

Network Access & Security - Over the summer, we replaced the Cisco Clean Access with a new network access control system. The new system is called Bradford Network Access Control.

All students will be prompted to install a the network access control software when accessing the internet from the resident halls or from WoofWoof WIFI. We have created some brief instructions on how to install this new software.

- Windows Installation Instructions

- MAC Installation Instructions

All faculty, staff and visitors to the college who attempt to connect a personal computer to the campus network that is not part of the college computer inventory will be blocked from network access without meeting established security settings. _________________________________________________________________________________

New student FAQ

Password Policy - Our revised password policy for your network account is in effect. The following contains instructions for how to reset your password.


  • AscAgnes (pronounced “Ask Agnes”)  provides you with self-service access to our course catalog, class schedule, grades, a view of your progress toward your degree, required forms and financial aid term award details.  With your name, ID number and ASC email address, you can set your password and log into AscAgnes now. Insert link to instructions.  AscAgnes options that may be useful to you at this time are My Required Forms, Financial Aid status by term, and Search for Sections.
  • Access AscAgnes at
  • Forgot or need to reset your AscAgnes password, following these instructions.

Residential Computer Consultants (RCC) : Having computer problems or connectivity issues contact the Residential Computer Consultant (RCC) assigned to your dorm. If they cannot resolve your issue, they will refer you to the helpdesk Each residence hall has one and in some cases two RCC's who work for ITS. A list of RCC's can be found at RH-RccList

WiFi access through the City of Decatur WiFi (DecaturWiFi) and our own WoofWoofWifi is available to students. For more info see WiFi Access

Get a FREE PDF creation program: need to create PDF files from your word or excel documents and you don't have Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro, go to Cute Pdf , download and isntall the software on your local computer.

If you are preparing to make a technology purchase, use our Technology Purchasing Questionnaire to help with your planning. If you have any questions or are ready to purchase your technology needs, contact Dolores Shelton at 404 471-6320.

ITS recommends the following steps to lower electricity consumption of computers:

  1. Turn off your computer, local and network printers at night and when you are not using them
  2. Turn off your monitor when you are not using your computer for 15 minutes or longer
  3. Enable the Power Management feature for your monitor

If you have empty toner cartridges, bring them to ITS for proper disposal.








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